Grade 3

Mrs. Jean Simon 

Now that Fall is here, the third graders will be moving more quickly into new and varied curriculum.  Our review session is over and many new concepts will be introduced and repeated until June.

Cursive handwriting will be firmly in place by November 1.  We are using daily practice time to master this skill.  Multidigit subtraction is being done in Math and  that will be followed by  estimation, rounding and finding differences.

As we approach Thanksgiving the children will be doing a large section on data reading, construction of graphs and  learning the various tools to record and comprehend information.  In Science we are moving toward the introduction of their first report and that will be sent home in October.  Time will be alloted in class for some of the research, but most of the report will be done independently.

Social Studies is still revolving around communities and concepts related to growth and development. The field trip to Garfield Farm was just wonderful and many new ideas were explored and discussed. Reading continues to stress fluency and comprehension.

The students have all adjusted really well to the rules and routines in the classroom and we are definetly having fun and making progress.They loved testing week because there was NO homework.  Looking forward to seeing all of you at conference time, but feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss anything.


How many years have you taught?  21 years

Where did you go to school?  I attended St. Mary’s Grade School and High School in Remsen, Iowa.  I graduated from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Tell us a little about yourself (pets, family, etc).   I have been happily married for 23 years.  I have three children.  Jason and Grant are now in college and Miranda is in high school. I have lived in Warrenville for 19 years and grew up on a farm in Iowa.


Food: Chips

Book: The Hunger Games

Movie: Love, Actually

Color: Yellow

Sports team:  Panthers

TV Show:  I love TV!

Who was your favorite teacher and why?  I loved my kindergarten teacher because she was so sweet and I had a great time meeting new people.

What was your favorite subject?  Reading

If you could be any animal, what would you be?  If I could be any animal I would be a dog because they are loyal, caring  and happy.

Why are you excited about this year at St. Irene School?  I am excited to teach all my new second graders and see their development throughout the year.

What are three words that best describe you?  Caring,  Hard Working, Organized

Do you have a secret talent?  What is it?  I’m very good at blowing big bubble gum bubbles.

You have a whole day to yourself – what would you do?  I enjoy going to the beach, eating snacks and  reading a good  book. There is nothing quite like relaxing by the water.


Mrs. Simon

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